De Himet zelf-maak-tand is gemakkelijk, eenvoudig en snel zelf te maken, waardoor je weer met een zelfverzekerde glimlach verder kunt.

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Himet tooth, the ideal tooth prosthesis when you're missing a tooth
Easy to create artificial tooth, emergency filling usable for a shorter or longer term.
As I lost an incisor, we started to develop this product. I wanted a quick solution without high costs.
Himet is the ideal solution for a shorter or longer term. It is a tooth that fits comfortably and looks like a real tooth!!!!
The tooth has a natural colour and you won't observe the difference with a real tooth.
The main advantage of working with a facing is that the tooth looks natural and doesn't discolour.
Due to circumstances it wasn't possible for me to have an implant immediately.
I had several treatments and after each treatment I had to adjust my tooth or create a new one.
All in all it took more than one and a half year before the implant could be placed.
Hence, this was the ultimate solution to remain myself and without missing incisor. This really makes me feel good.
Through our experience we became enthusiast and would like to offer this to others.
Are you looking for a solution for a missing or broken tooth for a shorter or longer term.
You won't have to wait for the dentist to be available to create an emergency filling or prosthesis, you can create the tooth yourself!
Especially given the much lower costs this is the ideal solution.
The Himet do-it-yourself tooth is easy, simple and can be created quickly as a result of which you can move on with a self-confident smile.

The result pre and post the tooth that I have worn for half a year

Please click on the image above to see how to create the Himet tooth.
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